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The Cabinet of Curiosities

Author: Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Genre: Mystery
Reviewed by Kim Richards

562Over a hundred years ago thirty-six young people were murdered in New York City. They died during a time when Cabinets of Curiosities were a popular form of entertainment. Did these displays of fossils, pickled fetuses and scientific curiosities have any connection with their gruesome and precise murders? The answer is yes.

Their remains are found today, sparking an investigation into who killed them and why a local construction company working on the site refused to halt their work for more than just a few hours. Then suddenly the murders begin happening again.

The Cabinet of Curiosities is a hard-to-put down murder mystery involving The New York Museum of Natural History whose patrons then and now are connected to these deaths. It's an engrossing tale of investigation, terror, a touch of magic and the secret of Immortality: an intriguing twist on the things men do in the name of science.


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